Dark Genesis

Recruit powerful heroes to crush monsters and bosses!

Dark Genesis is an idle game that’s played via web browser. Collect heroes with impressive abilities, equip them with powerful items and send them into battle against grim enemies. Fight with a team of up to five characters stage by stage and defeat each story chapter’s boss.

Level up heroes

After battle you'll receive rewards and additional resources. This way your heroes will increase their experience to unlock new abilities and level up. In addition, there are more dungeons and training sites to discover beyond the story mode. Unlike other browser games Dark Genesis has you level up your heroes manually in a special hero screen, so you can make sure to only upgrade the ones that are worth it.

Summon new heroes for your cause

New heroes will join your team through a summoning portal. By collecting enough shards or diamonds you'll be able to summon random characters from a large pool. Duplicate characters may be possible but can easily be merged to an even stronger character using a fusion temple which is also possible with duplicate pieces of equipment by the way.  

How to build a good team

In the beginning your choice of strong characters is limited. That’s why it is a good idea to build up one strong team instead of many weaker ones. This group should work in multiple situations, so you better create a team of heroes with diverse sets of talents since they’ll face diverse challenges. Maximum diversity increases their chance to survive even the hardest missions. E.g. attack mages will probably need support by melee combat experts or other characters to effectively fight their enemies. Elements also play a role when choosing the right team members: Use heroes with different elements to be prepared for different battles.