Play an action game of superlatives: In Crossout you will be riding through the area with heavy guns, destroying your enemies' bases and vehicles.

The world as you knew it no longer exists. Experiments in genetic research have gotten a bit out of hand and have killed almost every human. Those who were still standing after that were only temporarily lucky, because aliens had infested the blue planet and reduced everything that was left to rubble. In the free download game Crossout you will try to find your way in this rather inhospitable world. You will be no longer safe from anyone and will need to barricade yourself behind heavy tanks and deadly cannons to be able to defend yourself against repeated attacks.

Shooting with realistic physics of driving

At the beginning, in Crossout, you will only have an unimpressive vehicle with just basic equipment. However, that will quickly change. As the game progresses, you will get to kill more and more enemies and collect coveted materials to upgrade your vehicle. You will build new cannons; install machine guns, rocket launchers, chainsaws, drones and other dangerous toys. Depending on the components you add to your vehicle, it may drive sluggishly or significantly better than before, because the laws of physics still apply after the apocalypse. Therefore, you cannot add tons of weapons, but should be compelled to equip your Crossout vehicle as realistically as possible. Also, if other players attack your car and destroy certain parts, it will affect the car’s performance.