Carve your own path and play your own way in this epic fantasy!

Behold the unique world of ArcheAge!

The brave Nuians, the Elvish protectors of the forest, the Harani with their pioneering spirit, or the cat-like nomads called the Firran - they all live together in this epic fantasy MMORPG.

As a representative of one of four races, it is your task to explore legendary territories and gain knowledge. A conspiracy lurks beyond the darkness and it is up to you to discover what is going on behind the facade beyond your homeland. An abandoned continent way up north and ancient gods and heroes are only the beginning. The online game is chock-full of mysteries to unravel and enemies to fight. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable gaming experience!

Nuia - A World Full of Secrets

ArcheAge is set in a fantastical world named Nuia which features a rich and profound lore that will enrapture you for weeks and months. The MMORPG’s rich world is packed with secrets waiting to be discovered by you. During your journey, you will explore entire continents, each with their own histories, unique features and, of course, dangers which you will bravely face.

From vast plateaus to deep jungles and ocean reefs with their display of dazzling colors, this roleplaying game takes you through a variety of landscapes to explore. You get to decide how you want to embark on this adventure: on board of a mighty ship, on the back of a snow lion, or as an experienced aerial artist with your very own glider.

Countless Possibilities

In ArcheAge, you will find plenty of variety, even off the beaten track. Organise a whitewater rafting race with your friends or scale a mountain until you reach the summit above the clouds. Or prove yourself in the Justice System of the download game: if you choose this path, you will be able to judge others and keep the entire game in balance. On the other hand, if you commit too many offences yourself, you might have to pay for them and land yourself in jail!