Conqueror's Blade

Lead an army to success and conquer the world with your blade.

The world of the Middle Ages was a harsh place to live. Warlike conflicts were part of the daily routine. Might was right and the survival of the fittest applied. A victory today could be history the very next day. But there were also charismatic leaders who are still talked about today and lasting alliances that made it into the history books. The downloadable game Conqueror's Blade is also set in this time.

Siege warfare in an open game world

You experience siege warfare under the banner of a powerful house in a constantly changing open game world. Here, warlords lead entire armies into battle, fighting for territories, rewards and the protection of the empire. You are one of these leaders and determine the fate of many. At your disposal are ballistae, mortars, rams and other dangerous war equipment.

You move when I say, you go when I say

Whether defending your own castle or on the offensive, your army will only follow your command. With the right strategy and skillful use of melee fighters, ranged units or cavalry, you can turn the outcome of a battle and react appropriately to new situations. You won't watch the action from a safe distance, but instead you'll be right in the front line. You'll be the first to scale the enemy walls or destroy the gates with battering rams. Or the other way around, trying to prevent exactly that. And that also means that you can go down despite having powerful abilities.

Stronger together

On the vast continent where Conqueror's Blade is set, it's not just your successes on the battlefield that matter. By gathering resources, trading, and crafting armor such as weapons, you ensure your military successes. Together with other players, you'll create alliances that will stand the test of time and lay the foundation for a new world.