Rail Nation

Experience the fascinating world of trains and transportation!

Build your own enterprise from scratch and strive to become a tycoon.

Rail Nation is both: An economical simulation as well as a building management game – all together as one free browser-based online strategy game. You are the founder of a logistics company and work as a railroad manager, who is in charge of company grounds and the transport fleet. But that’s not all: You also should keep an eye of the most valuable tracks and how to open them up for your business. And take care of schedules and technological development.

Throughout the game, you move from decade to decade of railway history. It is important to stay up-to-date in research. Don’t lose track of modern locomotives and more developed engines as time goes on. This way you will have the chance to overtake all others and make the biggest profit.

Growing business

In Rail Nation you start small. A tiny train station is all you can count on the beginning. Deliver goods to neighboring cities and help your home city to grow to a metropolis which will also help your company in the long run. Always answer the following questions: Where is what kind of goods most urgently needed? And how much does it cost you? If you can get your hand on transporting licenses without investing a fortune, your bank account will surely benefit from it and help you grow even faster.

Rail Nation is playable within your web-browser. It is also available as an app for iOS and Android.