Keepers of the Rift

Keepers of the Rift is a free to play browser-based MMORPG which features a classic tale of heroes fighting to save their world from a coming darkness.

An ancient prophecy tells of heroes who will arise in a time of great need. That time is now, and one of those heroes is you! An army of demons will soon break through the veil between worlds, killing and devouring all of mankind! You and your allies must stand fast against the invaders, or else all is lost!

An Epic Saga

You begin by creating your hero and choosing your class. You can choose from six different classes; Warrior, Priest, Knight, Engineer, Hunter, or Bard. Each class offers a unique blend of skills and abilities, allowing players to pick their favorite. You can then customize your character further through use of the game’s talent system, allowing you to make your character truly unique, truly yours.

Once you’ve created your character, you can set off for adventure. The world of Incuria is vast, and your quest will take you all across it. While you travel, monsters can attack you at any time, so keep your sword and shield close at hand. Unlike most Asian MMOs, you cannot simply complete all quests or defeat all bosses in Auto Battle mode. Being a hero is, after all, rather a hands-on affair!

Never Travel Alone

A pet system allows you to travel in the company of faithful companions. A guild system delivers special rewards to its members, as well as a way for friends to socialize. There are even special events that take teamwork to complete! If you’re a fan of Asian-type browser MMOs, consider trying out Keepers of the Rift; you just might save the world!