Arkheim – Realms at War

In Arkheim – Realms at War you'll fight on the side of the elves or dwarves for supremacy in a magical world.
In the free strategy game Arkheim – Realms at War, elves and dwarves fight for the riches that the mysterious land of Arkheim has to offer. You'll choose one of the two races, seek your fortune in the fantasy world and ally with other players to build a large empire together and gain control over the valuable resources, so that you can gain supremacy in Arkheim. Off to a mysterious faraway land! Munich-based developer and publisher Travian Games is known for its browser strategy games Travian Legends and Travian Kingdoms. With Arkheim – Realms at War, it remains true to the genre, but treads fantasy paths. In the online game, the magical, eponymous land of Arkheim awaits you, which is far away from the home of the elves and dwarves. However, that doesn't stop both races from setting off to that new shore. After all, rumors say that there are a lot of treasures hidden there. Fight for territories and resources in Arkheim – Realms at War! As it happens, when different parties want the same resources, conflict inevitably arises. In Arkheim – Realms at War, the focus is clearly on PvP. It's up to you whether you ally with other players or do your own thing. Even if you mess with everyone and make enemies of large alliances, you can be sure of one thing: Your city will never take damage. As you are used to in the genre, in Arkheim – Realms at War you'll build your own settlement. It is completely inaccessible to your opponents. No one can attack or even destroy it. So if you find yourself in a PvP war and lose, at least you won't have to worry about your PvE progress. It will always be there. Not all deaths are the same Should you lose troops in battle against other players, which certainly happens quite often (even victors have to make sacrifices), this is only half as bad in Arkheim – Realms at War. Fallen soldiers rise again as undead. You can't use them as such in PvP, but the fantasy game offers PvE dungeons where you can use your fallen warriors against all sorts of demons.