goalunited LEGENDS

Ready to become a true football LEGEND?

goalunited LEGENDS is an award-winning football management game from Travian Games that can be played for free in-browser. It places its players in the boots of the coach and the manager, tasking them with taking their team to all-star glory. 

Players of goalunited LEGENDS will have to make lots of gripping decisions with both long and short-term consequences. Will they train up the next generation of young footballing talent or will they splash their budgets on the biggest star in the world? Will they risk playing their injured captain in the semi-final or allow him to rest? Questions like these will have a variety of knock-on effects that place real significance in player decisions. 

Football management games, or soccer management games if you’re from the other side of the Atlantic, have advanced significantly since their early days. goalunited LEGENDS boast some impressive features and an extensive range of responsibilities that must be carefully balanced in order to advance to the top of the table. 

Will you be leagues above the competition or relegated to the substitution bench?

Combined Roles

Taking a team to true footballing glory means mastering your strategy both on and off the pitch. Choosing the right players for the right match won’t cut it, you need to work out the ideal on-pitch strategy too. If success is achieved as both coach and manager, then the ultimate promotion is also on the cards - Club Boss.

Smart Match Calculation

goalunited LEGENDS’ match calculation system is the pride of the game. This deep and multifaceted system is built to ensure realism and competition. Every decision and every calculation matters, and it will take nothing short of a football genius to master it.

Diverse Responsibilities

There is a lot more to the game than just putting together a good 4-4-2 team selection. You will be in charge of developing stadiums, gaining and appeasing sponsors, training young talent, organising transfers, looking after injured players, hiring staff, keeping fans happy with nearby amenities, and much more. And remember, other clubs won’t always make these actions easy for you. Clipboards at the ready, the beautiful game awaits.