Star Conflict

Experience thrilling space battles!

Star Conflict means action: In the year 3,000 at the other end of the galaxy, star empires and mercenaries fight for the control of sector 1337.

In Star Conflict you will be climbing into the cockpit yourself and leading your spaceship into thrilling space battles. Entire star fleets clash in this MMO and you will be right in the middle of it. Prove your skills against other space pilots. If you work hard, you will soon have an armada of your own battleships.

Tempting riches in sector 1337

The entire galaxy in Star Conflict is on the brink of war. Sector 1337, once home to a thriving civilization, is now doomed territory and the target of numerous expeditions. An anomaly wiped out all life there. Today, the remnants of the civilization there continue to attract new adventurers. However, few have returned from this corner of the universe alive, but with immense riches and valuable artifacts. Explore space and face the challenge of a hostile environment. Space pirates and ancient alien races are not the only threats in this action game.

Star Conflict is a lobby-based space shooter. Before a mission, you select comrades-in-arms and opponents in a lobby. Then you jump into the action-packed PvP battles in instant scenarios.

Whether you want to be an independent mercenary, an agile hunter or a member of a powerful clan - decide how you want to live your life in Star Conflict and which path you want to take. The game offers three different races and six factions. In addition, each type of ship has specific advantages and disadvantages. Some are great for exploration and espionage missions, while others are ideal support pilots. A large arsenal of weapons and helpful equipment is at your disposal to achieve your goal.