Now it is getting fluffy! In Wauies, everything revolves around cute balls of fur.

Taking care of your own pet day in day out does not only mean a lot of work, but also a lot of responsibility. And when you open your own pet store in Wauies - The Pet Shop Game, you will quickly realize what it means to pamper velvet paws and puppies. And you will also get to earn money.

A store for animal lovers

If you choose to pursue a career as a pet shop owner, you will get a key to your own shop, which you will get to set up according to your own taste. Although at the beginning the number of customers is somewhat limited, the more time you invest in your store, the more people will find out about it. This mainly depends on the condition of your protégés. The more comfortable cats and dogs feel in your shop, the more animal lovers will be attracted. The success of your pet shop therefore rests solely in your hands.

Pug, Dachshund, Persian cat, or Ragdoll?

You will find countless different breeds of animals in Wauies - The Pet Shop Game. Besides cute Persian kittens and fuzzy Labrador Retriever puppies, you will also lovingly take care of Chihuahuas. In this free animal game, you will get to create your own animal paradise over time. You shall keep kittens and puppies in different enclosures, wherein all your animal friends will feel right at home. With all sorts of accessories, you will also need to provide a lot of fun in the enclosures.

Set up your shop the way you deem fitting!

You alone decide what your pet shop will eventually look like. The main thing is to make your fluffy friends feel at home and bring a smile to the faces of all the potential pet owners who roam around your store. While the pets wait for their new masters and mistresses, they get to spend time in their chicly furnished enclosures. With scratching posts, tunnels and plump bowls, boredom shall be a thing of the past.