War Thunder

Win in a team as a fighter pilot or tank driver!

Take a seat in the cockpit of a historic airplane and firmly grasp the control stick! In War Thunder, however, it is not just planes that get into the mix, but tanks and warships as well.

War Thunder is an action game wherein you will take on the role of a pilot and have to prove yourself against numerous other sky strikers. The different planes are mostly from the World War II era and are assigned to the nations that engaged in air combat early on. These include Germany, Great Britain, Japan, the USA, and the Soviet Union. However, you can also find nations like Australia and Italy. You will also have the choice between wide varieties of fighter planes. Choose the type that best suits your abilities. The spectrum ranges from normal fighter planes to heavy bombers, jet fighters specialized in ground targets, prototypes or planes equipped with torpedoes. There are well over 150 models at your disposal, each of which is suitable for different missions.

There are also tank battles in War Thunder

Thanks to an extensive expansion of the war game, armored steel colossi are also ready for action on the ground. Similar to the downloadable game World of Tanks, you will ensure a victorious outcome in the battle with light, medium and heavy tanks. Different mission objectives provide variety in the action-packed battles. Tactics, agreements and strategy changes often decide which team is still capable of driving at the end of the confrontation and which has to admit defeat. Though of course, a practiced hand at aiming and firing is also an advantage.