If you like immersive graphics and intense FPS gameplay, give Zula a deeper look

With an emphasis on storytelling and graphics in addition to classic twitch-based FPS gameplay, Zula has a lot to offer. There are two rival factions fighting for supremacy within the game, and players must choose between them. Zula is a group of vigilantes who are widely believed to be nothing more than an organized crime syndicate. Their rival, Gladyo, is a paramilitary force who has successfully infiltrated virtually every military and security organization around the globe. Thanks to very realistic graphics and the rather believable factions in the game, gameplay is quite immersive.

With respect to gameplay, players can choose from a number of FPS match modes, from the FPS standards like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Free For All, to the Wanted mode where you hunt down wanted players. A unique feature is a mission system which players can use to obtain rewards and prizes by completing objective-based missions. Naturally, players may form Clans with one another and work on rising through the ranking system as a team.

Players may choose from sixteen different characters, each one with unique stories and strengths, and clad in uniforms and gear based on real world military and paramilitary designs. In addition to simply choosing a character, the characters’ skills will improve with gameplay, so sticking with one or two favorites is a viable strategy. In addition, a wide array of assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, knives, and sniper rifles awaits players, with more than 150 different types of weapons available. This array of choices and outcomes provides a lot of diversity.