Be the ruler of your own underworld!

Descend into the dungeon and live your life with earth gnomes, goblins, and warlocks in Undermaster!

In the strategy game, Undermaster, you would not be seeing much of the sunlight, because you shall be spending your days deep under the earth's surface. Countless creepy-crawlies and other inhabitants of the underworld shall already be waiting for you. At your side are always hard-working earth gnomes, who are only too happy to shape your catacombs as you command them. Quite nice, isn't it? Your kingdom shall not just be a simple dungeon. In Undermaster, you shall build catacombs over several levels.

Workaholic earth gnomes at work

First, the little gnomes shall tear down walls for you. Then it will be time to lay floor tiles and to furnish rooms. A true paradise for hobby architects and master builders alike! However, it will not be all about you and your wishes here. Your gnomes and other creepy creatures shall always be hungry in the meantime. It is a good thing that the little dwarves can even prepare juicy steaks, which they love to eat afterwards. After the feast, it is back to work: numerous goblins shall be toiling for you in the workshop, and you will be sending the vampire up to the surface of the earth. As soon as he screams for blood, you should act, otherwise your earth goblins will have to pay the price. And that will not be good for you, because earth gnomes with too little blood in their veins would not have as much energy left in them for the execution of your orders.

Create a dungeon according to your imagination!

In the online game, Undermaster, you have the possibility of building different rooms. From the workshop to the forge to the library and other small rooms, the inhabitants of the underworld will find everything they need to live in your dungeon. Your everyday life will be shared with wizards, goblins, trolls, earth gnomes, vampires, and the succubus - a dream!