Enjoy the beautiful graphics while restoring a garden to former beauty.

Gardenscapes is a great online game. This is a casual/hidden object game that families can play together; easy enough for young kids, but still fun for adults. One of the greatest things about this game is the nice artwork and graphics (you will even have singing birds), making it loads more fun and much easier to continue play for hours and hours.

After restoring a garden that your grandfather left you along with a house, with objects found in fifteen different rooms, you can enter the contest for the “best garden”. The fully animated butler (he is apparently a pro at this) will help you to make the perfect garden exactly to your taste. This game is a little different from other hidden object games in that five people arrive at a time requesting something which you will have to find before they get annoyed. Selling these things raises the money to get the accessories you need for your newly improved garden.

Gardenscapes can be played for almost an unlimited amount of time because there are always more improvements that can be made on your garden.