Become a student of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts!

Wizard 101 is a fantasy MMORPG with turn-based combat system, created by KingsIsle Entertainment.

Ravenwood School of Magical Arts is enrolling new students!

Getting Started

Saving the Spiral is the main objective of this game. The Spiral is a realm of worlds in the wizardry community. Players enroll as students in the game gaining gold and skills upon leveling. In the beginning, players can create their own character, select gender, and decide on various features, such as hair, face, skin color, or color of their character’s clothing. Players then can also choose which school of magic they wish to attend, or take a fun quiz that will determine which school they are best suited for. You can learn about the schools during the selection process: the Elemental Schools with the magic of Fire, Ice, or Strom; the Spirit Schools with powers of Life, Myth, and Death; and the Balance School. Additionally, students can enhance their magic powers at secondary schools of Sun, Star, Moon, and Shadow. Choose your school wisely, as depending on your study track you will learn different spells, get specific equipment and pets, and participate in unique quests. The game also offers a tutorial for new players to learn the layout and feel of the game.


The gameplay is simple, yet elegant. The castle is a personal space in which players can design and customize to fit their own personalities, and many players find the housing to be an excessively entertaining aspect of the game. Pets are earned throughout the game, and wizards have the opportunity to care for their pets. As players level up they gain access to more worlds with their own storylines, and with more quests to fulfill. During your adventures, you will come across various creatures, as well as you will attempt to defeat villains and necessary personalities. There is a heightened amount of combat throughout the game. Combat in Wizard 101 is turn-based and casting spells costs power points – the more powerful the spell, the more power points you will need. Spells take a form of collectible card with information and stats.


Wizard 101 offers PvP Tournaments in which players can battle friends, win prizes, and even become a top player! The PvP ranking is sorted in accordance with schools, level, or wins so that you can keep up to date with the latest developments of the season. Chat is also available throughout the online gameplay. Wizard 101 is played online and can be played through free play or by purchasing a subscription.