Big Farm

Enjoy a free MMO game. Build and manage a farm, and compete with farming addicts from all around the world!
Big Farm by Goodgame is an interesting take on the community-oriented farming game, which has become something of a genre on its own. Become an internet farmer and manage a virtual farm with all its livestock, crops and lands. Join a growing society of players addicted to this free2play browsing game and challenge yourself. You have just inherited a farm and now it is your turn to produce different goods, process them and develop various production cycles. You can only succeed through time-consuming, hard work, along with the help of some neighbors, family and friends. 
The gameplay is fairly simple and involves nothing more than a handful of mouse clicks. You click to move, to feed your animals, to plant and harvest crops, and pretty much everything else that your character will need to do in order to manage the farm and build it back up into a fully-functional business endeavor. It is possible not only to produce but also sell plants and seeds. Don’t forget to feed your animals and prepare fertilizers for plants. In Big Farm, players are encouraged to try and bring others in to the mix. They can send invitations and ask other players that already have their own farms for help in rebuilding and managing certain endeavors. You can join or create an alliance with other players. Unlike in most games with this kind of community setup, you are expected to work with your neighbors to provide aid and to throw in to get work done, rather than waging war and destroying what other people have built. In fact, that isnt even an option in this family friendly, cartoon style game. The worst you can do is to decline to help someone when he or she asks. But its important to remember that if you dont help your neighbors, theres no reason for them to help you when you need to get something done in a big hurry. Goodgame Big Farm is a free2play, strategy game available through your web browser.