Throne: Kingdom at War

Fight your way up to becoming a powerful warlord!
To become the ruler of a kingdom, you shall go to war against other players in the free build-up game, Throne: Kingdom at War. As a descendant of the great king, in Throne: Kingdom at War, you are chosen to ascend the throne and rule the entire kingdom. However, you are not the only one who covets the position of power, and so you will have to fight against cunning allies and heaps of enemies. In order for you to emerge victorious from the battles, you will need to assemble a powerful army in advance. You can choose between six different units: • Knights • Spearmen • Ranged fighters • Cavalry • Siege units • Scouts If you use different units, you will be prepared for any situation. Become the leader of an influential order! To make your army even stronger in Throne: Kingdom at War, you will need to progressively upgrade its weapons and armor. The money you need for this shall be collected in victorious battles. You shall collect materials that you will use to build and improve your own weapons. In addition, you shall equip your army with healing potions, amulets, rings, and other important items. By gathering loyal followers around you, you will become even more powerful in the medieval game. Together with allied players, you shall complete missions and collect the rewards. But be careful! You never know if there might be a traitor hiding among your allies. As in other strategy games, in Throne: Kingdom at War, you can create your own order and invite other players to join your ranks or join an existing guild.