Become the leader of a Stone Age tribe!

As the head of your own tribe of cavemen, you shall build up a village in Stonies.

Even in the Stone Age there was a lot to do, as you will quickly discover in the free-to-play game, Stonies. You shall be the chief of a tribe and ensure that your subjects are well off. To do this, you will first need to provide comfortable dwellings. The villagers will actively support you in your endeavors: They shall collect raw materials, go hunting, and recycle useful materials.

Because good loot is always good

Watch the little Stone Age men in the life simulation game, Stonies, as they enjoy successes and bring the resources to your village! There you can use them to continually expand the settlement. The colorful cartoon graphics with funny animations create a friendly atmosphere and will delight you as a player in the long run.

Develop your tribe in Stonies

However, your subjects should not only feel comfortable, but also develop further. The more your population achieves in Stonies, the better the skills of the individual cavemen become. As a result, they learn new skills, just like in a role-playing game, and advance the entire tribe in several development levels over time.

For example, you can grow crops through farming, which allows you to provide food to the villagers faster and more effectively. Then there is more time to do other work. The settlement should also look good. Therefore, you can choose from many beautiful items in the in-game store to decorate it. It is up to you how you want to design your village. Over time, your Stonies tribe will grow and prosper. Sooner or later, the population will worship you as their leader.