Experience action as a pirate captain

Fierce ship battles and the longing for freedom, fame and fortune will be your companions in Seafight.

At the beginning, in Seafight, you choose a character that suits you. In the shipyard, you had better check on your ship before embarking on your adventure. Then will you be good to go: Lift the anchors and set sail on the high seas in the free online game, Seafight! As a dangerous pirate, you shall sail through a unique virtual pirate world and try to gain dominion over the world's oceans.

Cannon thunder by day as by night

For example, you shall be fighting against enemy ships and nasty sea monsters. As a pirate, you shall compete against real opponents and prove that you are a feared pirate in dangerous battles. You control your ship in real time over the seas and never miss an opportunity to let the cannons do the talking for you. However, it is not just the things that sail across your bow that vary in shape. Your journey across the cool water itself is also influenced by several elements. For example, through the day and night mode, in Seafight, you shall experience passages of darkness wherein you will wish that no giant octopus rises from the depths of the sea.

Preparation is important

Equip your pirate ship in the shipyard! This is the only way to ensure that you will survive the dangers of the high seas. Make it fit every time before you venture out! Otherwise, you may well end up as fish food at the bottom of the sea. Also, make sure you always have enough bullets and cannons on board your ship to defeat your enemies as quickly as possible! Of course, this is only possible with enough loot, which you can make at every corner in the pirate game, Seafight.