Rail World

Sending trains through Europe.

In Rail World, you become the boss of a train empire. Build routes across Europe and transport passengers to their destinations!

The whole world of rail transport awaits you in the free train game, Rail World. In this business simulation game, you shall take over the management of a transport company and make sure that goods and people quickly reach their destinations within Europe. You shall also attract tourists with attractions and restaurants, complete various quests and build up an impressive collection of different locomotives.

Lots of possibilities

Rail World is a free-to-play construction game that can be played both in the browser and on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. An important task is to keep expanding your own home station to increase logistics capacities and ensure the satisfaction of all passengers. There are numerous different buildings and decorations with which you will be able to design the station as you deem fit. You shall lay tracks and signal boxes and open up more and more routes over time.

Build a railroad empire in Rail World

Another essential component in the online game, Rail World, is the transportation of goods and people. You shall get access to more countries as you advance and eventually connect the entire European continent with rails. If you are clever, the first trains will soon be able to travel from Scandinavia across Europe to sunny Spain. You shall set up transport routes and also determine the timetable. Make sure that one cog in your railroad empire meshes with the other and that there is never a standstill! Only if your transport company runs like clockwork and all goods are delivered on time, shall the cash register ring.