My Sunny Resort

Play My Sunny Resort and experience pure sunshine in a vacation paradise!

As a hotel manager, you actually enjoy life on the sunny beach. It is not like that in My Sunny Resort.

Nothing comes from nothing and if you want to relax in the sun by the sea in the management game, My Sunny Resort, you will first need to do a bit of work. Only when everything is running smoothly will it be time for you to sunbathe in your deck chair at least briefly. So, prep those hands of yours and off you go!

100% vacation feeling!

In the online game, by the publisher upjers, you slip into the tanned skin of a highly motivated hotel manager and prove your qualities in building up a flourishing business. Sun, palm trees, beach and turquoise sea shall now be part of your everyday life. Attract well-paying vacationers to your vacation oasis and give them wonderful days which they would not be forgetting anytime soon!

Satisfied guests are your cash

But you should not worry: At the beginning of the game, a nice hotel manager will accompany you and explain all the important functions of the free-to-play game. So, you will not be on your own from the outset. However, that will quickly change. Then you will get to make ambitious plans and try setting up the most popular vacation paradise in the world. Until you become the owner of a 5-star hotel complex, there shall still be a lot of challenges to overcome. The more work you put into your vacation oasis, the happier your guests will be.

Camel riding on a safari tour

And how do you keep relaxed vacationers in a good mood? With sparkling clean rooms and chic hotel facilities, of course! Without forgetting entertaining excursions. After all, exciting experiences are memorable and put a smile on the faces of all guests. A safari tour, for example, is perfect for this. In My Sunny Resort, you will soon be opening a resort offering activities such as lion cuddling, camel riding, and climbing.