My Little Farmies

Become a successful medieval farming mogul in the free farm simulation browser game My Little Farmies. Your farm is waiting!

My Little Farmies is a free-to-play browser game that lets you develop your own village community. Tend to your fields and animals to grow your village and reap the fruits of your labor. You can plant grains, fruits and vegetables, breed animals, and construction production buildings such as flour mills and tailor shops. Watch your seeds turn from produce to product while your village bustles with life.


The goal of My Little Farmies is to create the largest and most profitable village. The more you develop your agriculture, the more experience and higher levels you can obtain. Harvest cereal, create flour at the mill, and turn it into bread at the bakery. These actions will grant higher levels that unlock all new options and features. Players who want to cooperate with fellow villages can do so through carriage stations by trading card pieces. If you need a helping hand with daily tasks, be sure to construct a servants’ house to staff farmhands and maidservants.


Unlike other farming simulation games, it’s up to you to choose your experience. Instead of a single construction path to follow, players are in control of what they want to raise, grow, or build. Want to build a farm full of livestock? Feel free to raise cows, rabbits, geese, and other animals to sell to your customers. Only want to grow crops? Plant what, rye, beans, or grow various types of fruit trees. The choice is up to you!