My Free Zoo

As a zoo owner you will enjoy this browser game. Let your creativity run free in the creation.

My Free Zoo is a free-to-play browser game where you can bring your own zoo to life. Create and maintain all kinds of attractions to bring visitors to your zoo, but don’t forget to take good care of your animals in the process. Make your zoo a unique experience with all sorts of decorations, Take Aways, and don’t forget souvenir shops so your guests will always remember their experience.


Be sure to stock your zoo with rare and exotic animals to keep your guests coming back for more. You can build creative enclosures and fill them with play equipment, watering holes, and feeding troughs to make sure your animals are well-fed and happy. If your animals are pleased then your guests will be happy too. No one likes a sad panda.


If you take good care of your animals by keeping them fed and entertained, there’s a chance they’ll make cute babies. Taking care of the baby animals is an important role for the zoo director and who doesn’t love a cuddly bear or lion cub. Take charge of your zoo today and create the best experience possible!