My Free Farm 2

Harvest and deliver goods in 3D.

Create your own flourishing farm in My Free Farm 2 and fulfill the wishes of your customers with the goods you produce yourself!

In My Free Farm 2, you say goodbye to the turbulent life in the city and start a career as a farmer. The successor to the colorful browser game My Free Farm allows you to create your own farm on the touchscreen of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device as well, and to devote yourself to field work and animal care on the go.

The farmer’s passion

In the game, you will plant various crops which, thanks to your dedication, will flourish and soon be ready for harvesting. For example, you will be able to enjoy crunchy grains, juicy pumpkins, and aromatic onions. You will also build enclosures wherein there will be loud mowing, crackling, and bleating. The animals in My Free Farm 2 want to be taken care of and always sufficiently fed, but in exchange they will provide you with useful products which you will need to produce profitable products.

In this way, you will create a profitable farm that will attract customers that are willing to pay in no time. Some of them will look for suitable ingredients, while other potential buyers will be tempted by special goods which you produce yourself in My Free Farm 2. For this, you will need the right production facilities, wherein you will process your products accordingly. Over time, your farm will continue to grow, but thanks to the optimized navigation and the detailed view, you will always have an overview of your extensive terrain in the farm simulation.

Workaholic daily routine

As a hard-working farmer, you take care of all the tasks that arise on your farm: harvesting, watering, feeding, mucking out, fertilizing, selling, trading, building, and decorating. A daily routine packed with numerous tasks awaits you here.