Molehill Empire

Experience the power of garden gnomes in Molehill Empire!

As a garden gnome, you are responsible for creating your own paradise in Molehill Empire.

Opinions differ on how a garden should look. Just as there are many private green spaces, so are there many designs. Some think it is nice to simply let everything grow as nature intended. Another insists on a pristine lawn that can rival the Queen's green. Still others like little ceramic creatures with red hats placed thoughtfully in the front yard: the garden gnomes. Hopefully, you belong to the third group. After all, in Molehill Empire, you will become the board of directors of such a gnome troupe.

Funny gnomes as the main focus

As a garden gnome, you will roam the green world of Molehill Empire and indulge in your gardening passion. Strictly speaking, this online game is an economic simulation. Since as a garden gnome, you will be taking care of all the needs of your green empire. You are the master of the front garden and can organize it as you wish. Nobody will interfere with you. You have to sow flower seeds, put vegetable bulbs in the ground, plant plants, and carefully plan the layout of all the elements of the garden.

After the sowing comes the harvest

Once planted, you should of course take care of your vegetables. Regular watering is a must. And when autumn comes, you can pull the onions and harvest the potatoes from your small field. Hopefully, by then you would not have lost sight of the strawberries! You can sell your yields to other garden gnomes or buyers. You need the money urgently. After all, you need to buy seeds for the next season. And of course, your garden is not all about plants. It is your little empire, and you need to embellish it. In the village, you will have the opportunity to buy the appropriate decorative elements.