Kapi Hospital

You are the head physician of a hospital and deal with unusual diseases.

Snotty noses, dry coughs, and sneezing attacks. From now on, this will be part of your everyday life.

Kapi Hospital is a crazy hospital simulation game that you can play for free in your browser. Your career as a head doctor begins now. Admittedly, a little late because you are already at an advanced age. But that is not a problem in the browser game, Kapi Hospital, because here everything runs a little differently than you might be used to in real hospitals. Would you like a small example? As a head physician who has studied for years, you first deal with diseases such as Alinasal Acne or Barfritis. While you treat the acne with a simple steel brush, grab toilet bowls for the Brecheritis. So much for the little aches and pains. Only when you become one of Kapi Hospital's experienced chief physicians do you try to mend tomato paste-filled bones with a spoon. As you can see, there is no shortage of wit and humor in this hospital.  

Hospital expansion also for hospital clowns

As time goes by, you will need to expand your facility and soon you will find rooms for nuclear medicine, tomography, and orthopedics, in addition to rooms for beauty treatments. Sooner or later, you would not be able to do without operating theaters or padded rooms for hospital clowns.

Off to Schnupfelingen and Bruchberg!

However, you will not have to spend your everyday life exclusively in the sterile hospital, because your way will lead you to Schnupfelingen. There, you will stock up on all kinds of miracle cures at the medical wholesaler, take a look at the statistics at the town hall, or hop on the bus to Bruchberg. With all the distractions in Kapi Hospital, you should not neglect your patients. Only if they are satisfied with your treatment methods, you can accumulate a great fortune