Imperia Online

Prepare yourself for the ultimate Imperia Online challenge!

In the world of Imperia Online, the burden of the crown may either be shared or not! Make your decision.

It is a dark and cruel age wherein fortune is with the strong and justice is asserted with the sword. In this realm full of treacherous neighbors and ambitious rulers, you must go beyond your simple beginnings and carve out a center of power for yourself.

Many hands work

Gather loyal subjects, make them work for you and lay the foundation for your empire. Hard workers will toil in your treasury; wise scholars will research technologies needed to benefit you; capable scouts will roam the lands where you can claim new territories for yourself.

Get acquainted with great personalities at the ranch and use their qualities to your advantage. A wise governor will fill your state coffers to the brim, a brave general can turn the tide even in a hopeless battle.

Strong together in Imperia Online

Note, however, that you are not alone in this strategy game world, and many would-be conquerors will be rattling their sabers at your gates. Caution is advised! Build a castle and erect high and sturdy walls. And if that is not enough - forge alliances with trustworthy fellow players. Where one man may fall, a strong brotherhood will endure. Shoulder to shoulder with your allies, you will train armies, conquer new territories, and participate in bloody battles against common enemies. Accumulate wealth and power, expand your influence, and when the end of an era approaches - prepare yourself for the ultimate Imperia Online challenge!