Imperial Hero 2

Become a living legend and fight terrible monsters! The fate of Ayarr is in your hands alone.

In the distant realm of Ayarr, the call of adventure resounds that only the bravest of heroes can hear. With just a few clicks, you pack the most necessary items into your backpack and set off on a journey that will take you to the farthest corners of the virtual world of Imperial Hero 2. Fight countless monsters and wild creatures and earn your spurs the traditional way with arrow or sword! Each battle serves as a hard lesson and adds to your wealth of experience. Every scar you pick up in countless battles is like a badge of honour that impressively proves how bravely you have fought.

Gain experience as a hero ...

In Imperial Hero 2, you use the experience points you gain in battle to expand your hero's abilities even further. With each new level, you expand his skills and give him new knowledge. In the realm of Ayarr, you will meet numerous computer-controlled characters (NPCs) who will give you missions and reward you with gold and in-game goodies.

... and rake in gold as a craftsman

In the free-to-play game Imperial Hero 2, you don't necessarily have to be a restless soldier of fortune on the move all the time. If you are tired of the dark dungeons, you can always settle down and earn your living as a skilled craftsman. With a little practice, you'll soon be able to make useful items that are easy to sell to other Imperial Hero 2 players.