Horse Farm

Run your own horse farm!

In the online game, Horse Farm, you realize your dream of having your own pony farm, wherein you will be taking care of cute horses.

Have you always dreamed of having your own horse farm with numerous horses therein? What costs a lot of money and work in the real world is quite easy and free of charge, thanks to the animal game, Horse Farm. Herein, you will have the possibility of creating a farm that revolves only around steeds (horses). You will ensure that animals and guests are satisfied and that your cash register rings.

Take care of your horses and make them happy!

In the midst of an idyllic landscape, you will build an equestrian farm in the free game, Horse Farm. Before you turn the farm into a flourishing business, you need one thing above all: horses. You will house the four-legged friends in stables, create exercise areas for them and build an indoor riding arena. The food for your protégés shall come from your own production. You will need to provide oats, grass, carrots, as well as other plants with which you will feed the horses.

No guests, no money

Horse stables and barns are not the only buildings that play an important role in the online game, Horse Farm. The more renown your farm becomes, the more the guests who would arrive, desiring to spend a relaxing horse farm vacation. For this purpose, you will need to build lodges and restaurants on your premises. You will satisfy the guests' needs by sending them horseback riding or serving their favorite dish for dinner. In the restaurant kitchen, you will sizzle cutlets and sausages, prepare French fries and concoct delicious salads.

Design freedom

In the horse game, Horse Farm, there are numerous possibilities of introducing your individual ideas. Not only can you erect prefabricated buildings, but you can also choose the color of the roof and even the window frames. Moreover, in Horse Farm, you will have many different breeds of horses at your disposal.