Big Farm

Become an influential farm owner!

Raise cute animals, plant vegetables, collect the fruits of your harvest and become a successful farmer.

In the farm simulation game, Goodgame Big Farm, you will become the owner of a large farm. Your tasks shall include keeping cute animals, growing various plants, and selling their fruits and yields as profitably as possible. Instead of "just" harvesting, you will be running your farm from an economic perspective - here, one cog should fit into the other.

For example, you will need to take some plants to the local mill and process them into animal feed, which you will then give to your cows and pigs so that they grow big and strong or - in the case of the cows - for them to produce enough milk.

The everyday life of a farmer

The animals in the farming game, Goodgame Big Farm, naturally produce manure. And lots of it! But instead of just disposing of it, you could use it as natural fertilizer. This way your plants will thrive even better. There is no doubts that you cannot solve all the tasks on your own. However, when hiring your staff, you should make sure that you can pay them their full salary and still have enough profit for further expansion. It is also important to ensure a good working atmosphere, because only motivated employees are diligent. To make your work easier and more pleasant, in Goodgame Big Farm, you can join alliances with other farmers and take advantage of the group benefits. There is also the possibility to compete against other players in various competitions. For example, who will grow the most fruits in a certain time?