Earn lots of chips and experience with various slot machines!

All you need is an email address and you are ready to enter the world of Slotigo. Slotigo is a free to play casino website. In order to place a bet, you use a special currency called chips. These can be won in all games, but also be gained by several other means. A fair amount of chips is already stored at your account after your initial registration. 

During play, you can increase your chips in many ways: Every round, there’s a chance to hit the huge jackpot or to earn additional chips via fortuna’s box. You can collect cards that appear from time to time to get chips. Or spin the magic bonus wheel - and amass hundreds of thousands of chips in seconds, if Lady Luck favors you.

Lots of slot machine games await

Slotigo has well-known slot games like Ramses Book or Take 5 ready to be played, but also a large variety of other games as well. Each one of them brings its own twist to the casino world. This ranges from different bonus systems to extra features like scatter symbols that give you free spins if you hit them or “all or nothing” option that let you bet your winnings based on card colors.

Whatever your preferred style of play, Slotigo will provide it!

And be always on the lookout for wild symbols! They are like jokers and can replace other symbols thus enabling additional win combinations.