Ironsight is a free to play first-person shooter which puts you in the shoes of a warrior fighting for control of the last resources on Earth.
The year 2025 has arrived, and with it an ongoing war between two powerful factions, struggling for ultimate control. The North Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) hold the world in their hands, and neither side wishes to release its grip. Diverse Gameplay Modes – Every good shooter needs to offer a variety of match types, and Ironsight continues the trend. Fight in classic modes like Deathmatch and Point Capture (Capture the flag) and have a blast. New modes like Resource Takeover and Search and Destroy offer a different set of tactical challenges. Use the terrain to your advantage as you fight across ten different realistic and dynamic battlefields, and get the extra edge. Cooperative Fun – Players can step into cooperative PvE matches when you feel like just hanging out and having some fun with your friends. Two different Co-op game types, Mission: EMP and AI Team Deathmatch, let players test their skills against the game’s clever AI, while letting you sharpen your teamwork tactics. High-Tech Gear – As a shooter set in the near-future, Ironsight features loads of high tech weapons and gear. Hundreds of different types of weapons await! From sniper rifles and machine guns to pistols, knives, and explosives, you’ll never lack for ways to engage and destroy the enemy.  Further customize your weapons with special skins and attachments, and create the loadout that fits your exact requirements. You can even deploy and use a number of different tactical drones onto the battlefield! Now its time for you to ready your arms and decide the future of the earth!